The principle need:

new workers

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« We are in a time when biblical ignorance is growing at breakneck speed. We need to sit under and listen to Christian leaders who personally submit to Scripture, personally read it, and teach it… Nothing is more urgent. Absolutely nothing. »

(Le Dieu qui se dévoile, Vol I, 29 Décembre, 2 Chr 34)

Don Carson
Professor of New Testament
(Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)

Photo de Matthieu Gauthier

Investing in the next workers

« The scholarship that I received to study at SEMBEQ encouraged my young church, which had limited recourses, to also invest in my training. »

Matthieu Gauthier
Pastor at l'Église d'Aujourd'hui (Bécancour)

Pastor Matthieu Gauthier and his team, involved in training at the Église d'Aujourd'hui in Bécancour, during the presentation of the SEMBEQ Foundation Scholarship to Frédérick Douville in March 2022

The Foundation is actively involved in meeting the most pressing need of Quebec churches, which is to help prepare the next generation of workers for ministry.

We lack workers.

It is these trained pastors, elders, deacons, deaconesses, and all those aspiring to serve whom will make the difference in the progress of the Gospel.

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