Helping churches accelerate the training of leadrers and future leaders

the Foundation

"Workers are a priority, because the church is our priority and without workers, the church goes nowhere."
Jacques Alexanian

Its mission

The SEMBEQ foundation has been around since the early 2000's and it's main mission is to help and support francophone churches in Quebec to accelerate the training of their leaders and future leaders.

The foundation accomplishes its mission by awarding grants to churches to train workers and future workers. The grant helps workers dedicate more time to their studies and accelerates their training.
Drapeau du Québec

Its Origin

The idea for the SEMBEQ Foundation was inspired by Mr Jacques Alexanian, a pionere missionary to Québec. He was president of the French Baptist Seminary, SEMBEQ, for many years (1973-2001).

He has a deep desire at heart to help and support aspiring students finantially during their training.
Jacques Alexanian

ITS Autonomy

The SEMBEQ Foundation has its own Board of Directors and manages its funds independently of the seminary.
Most scholarships awarded by the Foundation have been distrubuted through SEMBEQ.

Its board of directors

  • Jean-Marie Fahmy - Église Baptiste Évangélique Emmanuel
  • Gilles Farley - Église Le Sentier
  • Jacques-Paul Alexanian - Église Chrétienne du Plateau (Hull)
  • Nicholas Cotnoir - Église Baptiste Évangélique Emmanuel
  • Matthieu Caron (Observateur) - Église Évangélique Baptiste de Shawinigan-Sud